“3-MCPD” Silent Threat to Health What is 3-MCPD? It is 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) which is a contaminant caused from the production process that relies on the biodegradation of proteins by plants such as soy bean, whereby highly concentrate acid such as hydrochloric acid is used in room temperature. This leads to the reaction to oil and […]


Hyperkalemia in Patients with Kidney Diseases Scientific name of Potassium salt is Potassium Chloride. It is a natural substance that helps nervous cells, muscle cells and heart work normally. At present, it is used as an additive in food industry in order to substitute the decreased saltiness from the decreased of Sodium salt. Therefore, it […]

Sodium Salt

‘Sodium Salt’, Number One Enemy of Health, a Cause of High Blood Pressure Do you know that, apart from taking medicines to lower blood pressure, patients with high blood pressure should limit their consumption of salty foods, which is also another essential way to control blood pressure, which should be emphasized on because to consume […]


Latest Innovation of Heathy Seasoning Ingredients Thai foods are famous for pungent and savory tastes. Seasoning ingredients have been enhancements for Thai food since the ancient time. However, to add too much seasoning ingredients can cause consumers to have too much Sodium, which leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, paralysis, paresis and kidney diseases.  […]